Lantacs new M-SPEC+ Line....

November 12, 2019


Lantac M-SPEC+

Not every customer has the requirement or budget for a fully enhanced, top of the line AR15 accessory. Many users simply need a quality milspec component supplied at a sensible price.

Enter the M-SPEC+ line of parts and kits from Lantac USA. 
M-SPEC+ is a range of AR15 accessories and components that follow the military specification in dimensions, tolerances and materials with the addition of a few upgrades and enhancements to raise the performance standard of the product above the 'milspec' rating, while retaining the same economical price point as traditionally offered by other providers.

The M-SPEC+ BCG is the first of these products to be made available.

Offered in both 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 Caliber, the Lantac M-SPEC+ 5.56/.223 BCG is precision machined to milspec dimensions and tolerances. The carrier is full auto style with increased mass and is manufactured from 8620 steel, case hardened and hard turned/ground so that internal dimension are exact to mil specifications. It is then QPQ Nitrided rather than Type M Phosphated to give increased corrosion resistance, durability and performance.

The Bolt is machined from Carpenter 158, shot peened and hard turned as per the military spec.

The AR10/.308 BCG carrier is manufactured from 8620 steel, case hardened and hard turned/ground. T