Built to the highest specification by expert gunsmiths and featuring industry leading innovative technology the LANTAC LA-N15 RAVEN™ Rifle is like no other AR style firearm available. Its massive specification out of the box means that you won't have to upgrade a thing and it comes complete with Radian ambidextrous controls, Magpul furniture and our CMC made ECT-1 trigger. Incorporating over 11 Patents, both granted and pending, the LA-N15 rifle represent the cutting edge of AR development. 

A balanced Muzzle Device, Gas System, Bolt Carrier, Adjustable Buffer & Spring live at the heart of our rifles.  Delivering ultra soft carrier impulse with zero muzzle rise & recoil.


The DGN556B Dragon® Advanced Muzzle Brake is designed to reduce muzzle recoil and muzzle rise to zero. It has been interdependently tested and proven to out perform all other brakes on the market. Each RAVEN rifle features a permanently pinned and welded DGN556B Dragon® Muzzle Brake that takes the 14.5'' barrel beyond the minimum legal length of 16''. The muzzle device is specially laser marked with the RAVEN logo and the weld is left undressed so that the work is easily identified by anyone inspecting the rifle.


RAVEN™ Barrels are manufactured to the highest level of accuracy during the machining process and on to final product. We guarantee Sub MOA with high quality factory ammunition.

Each barrel is chambered & headspaced to a master bolt face with barrel extensions being individually matched to each barrel. Barrel blanks are precision gun drilled, double reamed, precision honed and then rifled with a progressive button system, utilizing 6 groove rifling that has been proven to produce the highest level of shooting accuracy. Barrels are then air guaged with a bore concentricity tolerance between .00005 to .0001.

After double stress releaving our barrels are Cryogenically treated before final finishing. 



Each of our 416R 14.5'', 1:7 Twist, Stainless Steel Barrels are chambered .223 Wylde, this hybrid chamber is designed to exploit the accuracy advantages of the .223 Remington without the over pressure and compromised functionality problems associated with 5.56X45mm NATO military ammunition. To this end both calibers can be safely fired from our barrels. Chambers are carefully polished and headspaced to to .002'' off a NO GO Guage. Bolt Gap is checked and maintained within tolerances. Each barrel crown is precision machined to 11° and threads are cut 1/2-28 UNEF. Barrel extensions feature M4 Feedramps as standard. 

Barrels are machined from certified 416R Stainless Steel & YAG Fiber laser engraved with logo and barrel nomenclature.



Utilizing an Intermediate gas system on a 14.5'' barrel the RAVEN™ captures a much softer & smoother gas impulse as compared to a Midlength (27,000PSI) or Carbine (34,000PSI) design.

This system greatly reduces carrier velocity and bolt carrier group felt recoil, while still being capable of cycling a wide range of ammunition without failure. Typical Gas Port pressure is around 22,000PSI which compares favorably with a Rifle length system running at 20,000PSI approx, without the additional gas tube and barrel length required to reliably capture the softer impulse. 


Intermediate, Nitrided gas tubes are laser engraved with tube length, part number and our logo. Gas Blocks are laser marked with our logo and feature X2 10-32 Set Screws for retention.


The LANTAC E-BCG™ is a truly enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, precision machined from 8620 Steel with a Carpenter 158 MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) Bolt, all surfaces are coated in Electroless Nickle Boron (NiB) to create an ultra hard and super smooth finish. The patent pending CP-R360 Dome Head Cam Pin reduces friction and wear while the forward facing ports of the E-BCG direct gas away from the operator. The increased diameter and angle of the ports requires slightly more gas pressure than normal to start cycling, the carrier & bolt therefore remain in battery longer and have a much softer action as compared to a standard system.

The flared tail assists in alignment & accuracy as well. 


Unlike many rifles that rely on adjustable gas blocks that can fail, the LANTAC RAVEN™ utilizes a proprietary Patent Pending Adjustable Buffer System that allows the user to 'dial' in extra spring tension. This feature creates additional pressure to the carrier causing the bolt to remain in battery longer and additional energy from the gas system to be required in cyclic operation. The user dials the buffer until reliable operation is achieved.  In this way the gun is fully functional without any excessive carrier recoil into the shooters shoulder through the buffer tube. This creates the most reliable and softest shooting experience and can be easily accessed if future adjustment is required.


Upgraded controls are fitted as standard. Each RAVEN™ rifle comes with a Radian Talon Ambidextrous Safety Selector, Radian Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle and an Armaspec enhanced Magazine Catch Button.

The RADIAN Talon selector is fitted as standard in a 90° configuration and can be reconfigured, by the user, to function at 45°


Fitted as standard, each rifle comes complete with a LANTAC E-CT1™ 3.5LB Single Stage Trigger manufactured in Texas by CMC Triggers. These triggers feature ultra smooth sear engagement and incredibly short resets. The trigger bow is a refined curve that is not as deep as a traditional milspec version.

Smoothcam™ reduced wear and friction within the upper receiver through the use of a proprietary domed head, circular cam pin. Unlike the original Stoner design that features a rotating circular head the CP-R360™ is a solid ultra smooth design with no moving parts that can break and limit function.

Machined from 17-4PH Stainless Steel and heat treated, our cam pins work in unison with our specially radiused cam pin slots within our upper receivers.


Precision machined from certified Aerospace grade 7075-T6 Billet Aluminium, Type 3, Class2 Hard Coat Anodised to MIL-A-8625F specification. 

Improved mil spec tolerances in key areas, including barrel extension fit and upper/ lower receiver lug engagement.

Deep engraved caliber, model, manufacturer and serial number information.

Bead blast and acid etched for a uniform surface finish.


The UAR™ is a precision machined upper with a special proprietary bore that is ultra smooth, with a roughness average in micro inches of 16, as opposed to standard bored or milled uppers that are 32-63, or higher. This reduces bolt carrier friction and resistance, thus creating a much smoother operation.
Barrel nut threads, bore and barrel extension surfaces are all machined in one operation so that they are perfectly concentric and perpendicular to the barrel and fixing assembly.



The Ravens broached magwell has been internally flared to make magazine positioning easier while undertaking reloading operations. The rear takedown pin area has a spotface recess machined into it making pin removal easier too.

Each rifle comes complete with Magpul Furniture and MBUS front and rear polymer flip up sights.

Black Polymer CTR®, (Compact Type Restricted) stock with locking friction collar and including a .70'' Enhanced rubber Buttpad.

Magpul MOE+ grip with black polymer core and overmolded rubber texture for improved grip in wet conditions. The grip also features a storage compartment accessed via a polymer door in the base.

Black 30Rnd Magpul Gen M3 Pmag with anti tilt follower.

Front & Rear MBUS, (Magpul Back Up Sight). Flip up Black Polymer sights.





14.5’’ Intermediate Raven™ Rifle 


1:7 416R Stainless Steel Barrel, Hand Lapped, Proprietary Finish.


Threaded ½-28 UNEF, 11° Target Crown.


Chambered .223 Wylde


Billet 7075-T6 Certified, Lower Receivers. Type 3 Class2 Black Anodizing.


45° Safety selector lever cut, flared magwell.


Billet 7075-T6 Certified, Upper Receivers. Type 3 Class2 Black Anodizing.


Proprietary ultra smooth bore, perpendicular and concentric barrel extension area,

machined in a single operation.

Lantac Spada-M™ 12.5’’ Freefloat Handguard

Lantac GB750-S™ Gas Block with Intermediate length Nitrided gas tube.

Lantac NiB Coated E-BCG™ Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group with Forward Porting,

Carpenter 158 Bolt, MPI Tested. Flared Tail for better alignment and accuracy.

Direct Impingement

Lantac DGN556B™ Dragon™ Muzzle Brake. Pinned and Welded. (ATF Compliant)

Radian Ambidextrous Raptor charging handle.

Radian Talon Ambidextrous 45° Safety Selector.

Lantac™ / CMC Triggers E-CT1™ Single Stage Trigger, 3.5LB

Lantac™ ABS™ Buffer System.


Proprietary, Valve Quality Chrome Silicon Buffer Spring. Dual Stage Shot Peened,

Pre-Stressed and Moly Plated.

Magpul Black MOE+ Grip Solid Polymer core, over molded rubber.

Magpul Black CTR Stock

Magpul .70’’ Enhanced Butt Pad

Magpul Black 30Rnd M3 PMag, 10Rnd Magazine in selected states.


Length Stock Collapsed: 32.2'' (81.78cm).


Length Stock Extended: 35.5'' (90.17cm).


Weight with unloaded 30Rnd magazine: 7.4Lb (3.35Kg)