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The LANTAC E-BCG™ is a truly enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, precision machined from 8620 Steel with a Carpenter 158 MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) Bolt, all surfaces are coated in Electroless Nickle Boron (NiB) to create an ultra hard and super smooth finish. The patent pending CP-R360 Dome Head Cam Pin reduces friction and wear while the forward facing ports of the E-BCG direct gas away from the operator. The increased diameter and angle of the ports requires slightly more gas pressure than normal to start cycling, the carrier & bolt therefore remain in battery longer and have a much softer action as compared to a standard system.

The flared tail assists in alignment & accuracy as well. 



Unlike many rifles that rely on adjustable gas blocks that can fail, the LANTAC RAVEN™ utilizes a proprietary Patent Pending Adjustable Buffer System that allows the user to 'dial' in extra spring tension. This feature creates additional pressure to the carrier causing the bolt to remain in battery longer and additional energy from the gas system to be required in cyclic operation. The user dials the buffer until reliable operation is achieved.  In this way the gun is fully functional without any excessive carrier recoil into the shooters shoulder through the buffer tube. This creates the most reliable and softest shooting experience and can be easily accessed if future adjustment is required.

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